Restoring and repairing after disaster

Water damage, whether it is from a fire, flood or sewer back-up can be a scary situation with the potential of future problems of smell and mold etc... In these emergency situations Bender Maintenance and Home Improvement has the equipment and expertise to provide solutions and peace of mind to all parties involved. At Bender Maintenance and Home Improvement, our experienced agents understand what is necesary to restore a home or building to a healthy and usable condition. Our equipment list is extensive ensuring you will recieve the best possible service for your emergency.

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The TES Unit
The TES powerplant generates a high temperature in a unique heat exchange fluid. The fluid is then transferred with a high volume pump through specially designed insulated hoses to the Thermal EXchanger (TEX) box..

TEX Boxes
The TEX Thermal EXChanger box recieves the heated fluid and directs its energy (by air mover) to the wet areas, resulting in a rapid evaporation. the result? The world's fastest drying system!

As temerature and humidity builds in the area, a thermostatically controlled fan evacuatesmoisture laden air to the outside. This process can be complimentedwith dehumidifiers and evaporative air-handling systems.

By tenting the hardwood floors, TES delivers the fastest and most thorough drying with less damage (often none!) You'll routinely save floos that would cost thousands to replace.

Carpet is dried in place- by floating the carpet, heat is delivered to the carpet, pad, subfloor and walls all at the same time.

Wall Cavities
Octi-Dry forces the energized heat into the wall cavity accelerating evaporations and drying of the wall assemblies and insulation without removing the drywall.

Save cabinets by wrapping them in plastic, delivering hot, dry air directly to the wet materials to flash out moisture, which is then vented to the outside and will dry faster than ever before!

Hard to access spaces

Crawl Spaces

Under Cabinets


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